dBMic. (SMT Microphone)

HIT Inc. has developed a dBMic. (SMT microphone) that represents a creative revolutionary alternative to traditional ECMs and silicon microphone.  Unlike traditional ECMs that often require customers to use in-line and manual assembly to apply them to PCB, dBMic is supplied on tape-and-reel and can be run through standard automatic pick & place equipment, just like traditional surface mount equipment.  There is no additional component required between the microphone and PCB.  By doing so, you can eliminate any additional cost and material shortage concern.  Since the dBMic. is mounted to PCB directly, the microphone height can be controlled as minimal.

The dBMic. is able to be lead-free and can pass SMT process which can withstand up to 260ºC for 30 seconds.  SMT process can highly increase the stability of the connection with PCB with better performance compared with traditional conductive rubber, lead wire and socket connections.

With HIT’s patented design and manufacturing process, it is very easy to build acoustic tube into the dBMic which can resolve any unnecessary design issue related to acoustic tube.  It will only takes 3-4 weeks to come out a dBMic per customer’s specific requirement.


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