“Innovation, Speed, Service”
That's The Way We Do Business.
To successfully run a business like us, we must do many things well- we must create a vision from the entire company, build up our goals and values, establish business strategies, develop products that meet the requirements of our customers, solve day-to-day problems, and more. To accomplish suck tasks, efforts and times are indisputable. Nevertheless, we still keep on heading our way to success. Because we believe that our effort and time will be worthwhile.

■Our Vision■
“To be a voice magician and the driver of wireless digital life.”
A company's vision statement is the most fundamental expression of how it will grow profitable market share. Our vision is supported by the mission statements of each department. Achieving our vision will rely on the successful pursuit of our goals and values.
As we move into the 21st century, voice has become one of the most important elements of the modern lifestyle. Electronic appliances such as cellular phones, computers, security systems.... etc are progressing gradually from manual to voice activating. In order to make these instruments to communicate with us, voice quality becomes a mission for most of the acoustic engineers to challenge. And proudly to say, HIT can provide the finest acoustic device in the market. Beside acoustic technology, wireless is another field that we focus in. With our engineering capability, we are able to integrate the two technologies into practical solutions. Our vision to be “a voice magician and the driver of wireless digital life” implies that we will continue redefine our industry by innovating new technologies in the area of voice communication. In another word, our mission is to make voice come to live.

■Our Role■
HIT (Human Interface Technologies) was founded in March 2001. It is one of the leading manufactures who produces the finest acoustic devices and wireless instruments in the industry. Being a radical innovator in the field of acoustic and wireless technologies, HIT would not dare to waste any second. To always be ahead of our competitors, we ensure to have the most advance technologies and best engineers in our team.

Base on these conditions, HIT is able to provide the products that are only perfectly fit into the requests of our customer. We make sure all our clients receive the products on time and satisfied in accordance with both product and services qualities. As an integrator of acoustic and wireless technologies, HIT makes life more convenient. Our wish is to liberate the human race to experience the magic of vocal world, and enjoy the convenience of tremendous acoustic and wireless technologies.

We are not only the leader of the field, but also the motivator to lead acoustic and wireless technologies into a new generation.

■Our Essentials■
- Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
Becoming successful requires focusing on customers and understanding their needs. For HIT, quality is not only limited to our products, but also to our service ability. Our Customer Service focuses on building a decent and reliable relationship with our clients. Exceptional customer satisfaction occurs when we deliver precisely what the customer expects. We accomplish this by providing the service "custom made", which can meet the most details of the customer requirements. We anticipate, understand, meet and exceed our customer's needs and expectations to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

- Advance Engineering Capabilities
HIT is a leading global producer of acoustic components and wireless solutions. Our outstanding production environment, excellent R&D capabilities, and the in house automation technology will ensure the product quality as well as the low production cost. The company is committed to developing the advanced technologies and innovative products that redefine industries and improve many aspects of our daily lives.

■Total Quality Management■
The main priority for our total quality management is to fulfill customer needs and expectations. At HIT, responsibility for quality management does not depend on one person. Instead, total quality management is a fixed process of all our staff, and is strongly supported by the management team.

We make sure the delivery is on time, provide accurate and timely documentation, and handle special requests effectively and efficiently. To ensure continual improvement, regular reviews guarantee that management system is up-to-date. All our effort is to insure customer satisfaction. For HIT, TQM is not a slogan, but the faith for all our members to follow.

■Major Products■
Acoustic components

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